ZEH-N-112S Gwardia S
Dolzief's Personal Valiancer
Name ZEH-N-112S Gwardia S
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Nestor Viktorovich Dorzhiev
Special Capabilities Deploy Aeromines
Anime The Other Coupler

The ZEH-N-112S Gwardia S (グバルディアS, Gubarudia Esu ) is a commander-type Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. It is a variant of the ZEH-N-112 Gwardia used by the Zogilia Elite Guard and is piloted by Nestor Viktorovich Dorzhiev.


The Gwardia S is purple in color, similar to the standard Gwardia. Some differences include the white paintjob that replaces the black areas on the standard Gwardia. This being to signify that it is a commander-type Valiancer, it also has more weapons than the standard Gwardia as well as a unique head unit.



Dolzief's Personal Valiancer preparing its rifle.

  • Rifle
The Gwardia S possesses a standard semi-auto rifle that is held in the right hand. It is unknown if it is anyway different than the normal semi-auto's rifles, that other Valiancers use.
  • Shield/Missiles
The Gwardia S' only defensive armament, it is held in the left hand and is used for blocking projectiles or melee weapons. It also has the ability of launching missiles.
  • Sword
Dorzhiev's Valiancer has a sheath that is on its left skirt armor. It holds a sword that is used for melee.
A secondary weapon, Dorzhiev's Valiancer has the ability to place mines upon the battlefield that is used to trap enemies, and destroy them, if they happen to run into these mines.