XV-7002 Bradyon
Name XV-7002 Bradyon
Developed From Firebrand
Developed Into XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT
CVP-015A Nergal
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Zogilia Republic
Pilot(s) Dio Junyou Weinberg
Fromm Vantarhei
Bizon Gerafil
Special Capabilities Coupling
Height 18 meters
Anime Encounter

The XV-7002 Bradyon is a Coupling Valiancer in the Buddy Complex anime. The XV-7001 Luxon is its twin Valiancer. The Bradyon was piloted by Dio Junyou Weinberg.


The Bradyon is a red and white prototype Coupling Valiancer belonging to the Free Pact Alliance. Along with the Luxon, it was developed in secrecy by the Alliance army. The Bradyon is similar to the Luxon, though there are a few differences. For example, the Bradyon's gun is held in its left hand and the sword is drawn with the right hand, which is the contrary to Luxon. During Coupling, the shield module deploys wings which radiates a red glow, and its shoulder and two facial compartments open as well.


  • Nector Sword M11N "Sword Amakuni"
The Bradyon is equipped with a Nector Sword for close quarter combat. It is drawn from a module at the shield.
  • Assault Rifle M252A2 "Lancehead"
Bradyon's primary ranged weapon, it is the same model as the Luxon's assault rifle.

System Features

Bradyon Coupling

Bradyon during Coupling.

  • Coupling System
During Coupling the Bradyon gains wings that enable it to fly greater distances and at greater speeds. The pilots also share skills, abilities and experiences while increasing the abilities and the output of the Valiancers. During Coupling the Bradyon is also able to perform Code T2 Rise with the Luxon for 30 seconds. This creates a powerful concentration of energy that can be used to deflect projectiles.

Official Artwork


  • "Bradyon" could possibly have been named after the massive particles named bradyons.
  • It is unknown what happened to Bradyon after it was stolen by the Zogilia Republic, although its cockpit was refitted onto Nergal by the Zogilia Republic.
  • Bradyon, excluding mass-produced Valiancers, has the highest number of pilots with a total of three. The pilots, in the order of which they had piloted the Valiancer, is Dio, Fromm and finally Bizon.