Viktor Ryazan
Viktor Ryazon
Name Viktor Ryazan
Personal Information
Gender Male
Family Hina Ryazan (Adoptive daughter)
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Current Status Deceased
Anime Episode 9
Voice Actor

Viktor Ryazan is a Lieutenant Commander in the Zogilia Republic.


In 2078, Viktor found Hina Ryazan in a abandoned building in, Zabreg, Croatia and adopted her as his own daughter, after having her grow up a, he sent her through the academy to serve in the war effort against the Alliance.

He is also, a well known individual in the Zogilia Republic, with a rank of Lieutenant Commander.


He is a jovial man but he can also be serious. He is respected and he obviously care for both his daughter and his men. He is shown to be selfless as he sacrificied his life for his daughter. He also revealed Hina her past before dying.


Viktor is a very built individual. Presumably due to his age, he has grey hair. At some point is battle, Viktor received two large scars running across the left side of his face. Viktor also wears a bulky green suit, similar to what the rest of his team wears.


Not much is known about him other than that he is renown for his prowess in battle, Viktor Ryazan is said to be a force to be reckoned with.

It is unknown if he can pilot a Valiancer, as he has never been seen piloting one.


To the Future ArcEdit

Due to constant failure by Margaret O'Keefe, Viktor is summoned to aid Alfred Gallant in retrieving the prototype Valiancer.

However, he took a bullet meant for Hina during the mission. They got into an occupied place where he revealed her he was not her father. He told her he found her on a ruined battlefield and that she appeared to be the only survivor of the town. She only remembered of her name. He adopted her. Viktor then had her leave as she could not drag him along. He stayed until he was found by Alliance soldiers and he made a grenad explode, taking their lives and his.


There was a ceremonial funeral for him. His coffin was probably empty due to him dying in the Alliances base, but it was buried in Alaska cemetery with several others.

His adoptive duaghter Hina also had a flash about him which stopped her from accepting the coupling when Bizon first proposed during the battle of Alaska.


Hina Ryazan: His adoptive daughter though she had no idea until the day he died. He appeared as a caring and doting father to her and she loved him very much. He apparently taught her how to fight.

His men: They seem to know each other for a long time and the group is seen to pull joke on Hina. He is respected by his men.

Bizon Gerafil: His neighbor and fellow Zogilia soldier. They seem to get along. At least, he let Bizon spent a lot of time with Hina.