The Other Coupler
Episode #6
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Air date February 9, 2014

The Other Coupler (もう一人のカップラー Mōhitori no Kappurā?) is the sixth episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


After being mobilized, the Cygnus and the Coupling Valiancers are no longer a secret. In order to defend their existence against outraged politicians, a film crew arrives to make a promotional video to rally popular support.[1][2]


Due to the Coupling System being used at the Chitose Base, it was revealed to the public. This causes a meeting of the Free Pact Alliance's politicians turned into a bout of question as to where the military got the funding to continue the illegal research program. Meanwhile, during a meeting between the military leaders on the council, Commander Green assures the others that despite the public uproar, they will still have a lot of support.

On the Cygnus, the crew is told that they would be forgiven if they flew to Hawaii and modeled along side the Cygnus, for promotional reasons. Seeing the opportunity as a good one, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu decides to take it. As the promotional crew board the ship, Aoba Watase and Jarl Duran talk about its necessity. Interrupted, Aoba is also told that he will not be the featured Coupler alongside Dio, and that he'd be replaced by someone more well known, Fromm Vantarhei, the pilot of the Beryl Explorer. Alongside the camera crew, and Anessa as Fromm's guide, the crew and Fromm get acquainted. Dio then explains to Aoba that he had a history with Fromm, as they entered the same Coupling examination and academy.


Fromm, as seen through Anessa's eyes.

Upon commencing a emphatier test between Dio and Fromm, it turns out that they aren't compatible, later revealed to be caused by Aoba deviating Dio's waveform. However, Fromm and Aoba turned out to be a perfect match. Choosing Aoba to come in as a performer in Dio's place, Dio is assigned to pilot the Beryl Explorer to record film, while Fromm is to pilot the Bradyon. During filming, a surprise attack is launched by Dolzief and the Zogilian Elite Squadron. Although Fromm and Aoba's Coupling was stronger than Aoba and Dio's first Coupling, they are unable to fight at the best of their ability due to it being their first Coupling. During the intense battle, the Elite Squadron proved they had planned out how to defeat the Coupling Valiancers. However, Dio's was able to use his Beryl to tackle Dolzief, breaking the Elite Squadron's positioning, and thus saving the Cygnus and the Coupling Valiancers. After finishing the promotional filming, Aoba teases Dio about his acting and wishes that Fromm could have stayed longer; though Dio disagreed to this. Much to his shock however, Fromm reveals that he is now a new member of the Cygnus' crew.

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  • The title refers to Fromm Vantahrei's arrival as he is also a Coupler like Aoba and Dio.


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