TV Anime "Buddy Complex"
Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack Album by Tatsuya Katō
Release Date June 25, 2014
Label Lantis

The original soundtrack of "Buddy Complex" TV anime series is scored by Tatsuya Katō, compiled into two discs released by Bandai Visual's anime music label Lantis, with catalog numbers of LACA-9352 and LACA-9353.


From Sunrise, the makers of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere and LoveLive!
Comes the original buddy robot drama Buddy Complex!
The long-awaited soundtrack, perfectly blending visual and music, finally arrives!
Music by Tatsuya Kato of Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere fame[1]

Track ListingEdit

No. Title .ogg Audio

▼ disc - 1

1 A breakfast
2 Bright sunny days
3 Young soldiers' feelings
4 Day-to-day war
5 There if I look up
6 Collision
7 Thoughts
8 Gathering
9 Reflexion
10 Sense of discomfort
11 Quiet battle
12 Search
13 Unclear
14 Midnight
15 Feeling swaying
16 Fathers
17 Exchange of Thoughts
18 Time Leap
19 Meeting and Parting
20 About That Person
21 That is Hina!
22 Welcoming Party
23 Recording PV
24 Let's, Coupling!
25 Zogilian SS
26 A Parting Called Death
27 Island of Everlasting Summer
28 Bizon and Hina
29 Pale Memories
30 Aoba and Hina
31 Truth
32 Hina (Time Leap)

▼ disc - 2

1 Proposing
2 Acception
3 Emphater Waveform
4 Coupling Mode
5 The Alarm Rings
6 The Sky of Battlefield
7 Luxon, You Can Do It!
8 Unfavorable Situation
9 Crisis Above the Sky
10 Bizon Attacks
11 Bizon's Hatred
12 Infiltration of the Enemy's Territory
13 Exchange of Life
14 Aoba (Luxon, You Can Do It!)
15 The Sky Intensifies
16 Connective…!
17 Bridge
18 Captain Kuramitsu
19 Private Conversation
20 Margareta the Military Officer on Special Duty
21 The Alliance's Headquarters
22 Zogilian Troops
23 Briefing Room
24 Alfreed Gallant
26 In the Future When We Return to Those Skies
(あの空に還る未来で?) (TV Size)
27 ORBITAL LINE (Short Size)
28 Coupling Sequence


  • All of "Hina" in the track titles are written with the kanji character 雛, the one she used in the past (2014) instead of her katakana character ヒナ which is the one used in the future (2088 onwards).