Stormy Night
Episode #8
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Episode Information
Air date February 23, 2014
Arc To the Future Arc

Stormy Night is the eighth episode of Buddy Complex anime.


Aoba finally gets some time to talk to Hina, but as they try to survive the night on the island they crash-landed on, he has a frustrating time trying to get through to her. [1][2]


Both sides start a search for Aoba and Hina respectively.

Meanwhile Hina awakens to find Aoba above her. She quickly overpowers him and ties up his hands. After going into a cave and starting a fire, Aoba begins to explain how he arrived in the future and talks about the Hina he was with. It is at this point Aoba accepts this Hina is different than the one that sent him to the future.

Suddenly the Luxon slides, causing a mudslide, and buries the cave entrance with rubble. Hina agrees to untie Aoba to help dig them out. Slowly running out of oxygen, Hina collaspes, prompting Aoba to dig more agressively. The cave suddenly floods when Aoba breaks through, allowing them to get out, with Aoba saving Hina from drowning in the process.

Through the use of the Coupling System, Dio is able to contact Aoba and find his position. Deciding he would not want Hina to become a prisoner, he cuts off communications and allows Hina to send a distress signal to her unit. He also tells Hina to hide when he is being picked up. Before being picked up by Dio Junyou Weinberg and Fromm Vantarhei, Aoba gives Hina the hairpin he had retrieved from the Luxon upon his arrival to the future. HIna is then picked up by Bizon Gerafil and her unit.


  • The title refers to the storm that swayed Aoba and Hina and nearly kill the latter thrice during the episode. The storm was also an issue for those searching for them.
  • Hina nearly died three times, first when her cockpit was being filled by water, the second when Aoba and she were stuck in the cave and she collapsed due to air deprivation, and the third when water filled the cave and she had no strength to swim to the surface; Aoba saved her each time.


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