Episode #5
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Episode Information
Air date February 2, 2014
Arc To the Future Arc
Characters Saburouta Ogisaka

Scars is the fifth episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


Aoba finds out more about Dio and his family. And later, Cygnus unexpectedly finds itself being mobilized against an invading Zogilian force.[1][2]


On the Chitose Base, Aoba is approached by Ensign Saburouta Ogisaka, the instructor is charge of his training, along with Mayuka Nasu who will assist him. During the training session Aoba attempts to leave, having wanted nothing to do with it. Having been convinced to stay, he is forced to clean the Cygnus and other places within it.

However, on the Trident, Margaret O'Keefe plans a preemptive strike. In addition, Hina Ryazan had been freed due to Alfried Gallant's plea. Noticing her uneasiness, Hina responds by saying that she is disappointed that not all suspicion is cleared from her. Alfried advises her to prove her innocence through her actions. After leaving, she is confronted by Bizon Gerafil, who asks if she is alright. Hina only responds by saying that Margaret was only doing her job.

Back on the Cygnus Aoba, fed up with the amount of cleaning, spots Fiona Junyou Weinberg and her helper attempting to enter a restricted area. Deciding to approach her, Aoba asks if Fiona was looking for her brother, Dio, as he could go get him for her. Fiona declines saying that she wasn't sure that he would have wanted to see her, due to what their father had said to him earlier. She then goes on to explain what happened in their hometown and that she was left crippled and their mother dying. She also says that because of Dio's failure to protect their family, their father blames him, with Dio also blaming himself. Recognizing the severity of their predicament, Aoba feigns injury so that Fiona can sneak in to see her brother. Successfully passing the guards, they are surprised to enter a room that is celebrating Aoba as an addition to the Cygnus' crew. Calling Dio on the intercom, he is surprised to see his sister, however the transmission is interrupted by a danger warning.

With the 15th Aerial Strike Force in combat against the Zogilian Pacific Fleet in the Otaru's region. Over in headquarters, Vice-Admiral Richardson orders all forces in the neighboring areas to assist them. Receiving the message, the Cygnus' crew head over to Otaru to help. Once they are ready to dispatch, they are instantly greeted with an unexpected sneak attack from the enemy, led by Alfried; joined by Bizon ,Hina, and Tarjim. Seeing no other choice, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu decides to take an emergency liftoff and tackle the enemy head-on. However, seeing that the odds aren't in their favor, the crew decides to retreat, using a coupled Dio and Aoba, as their means to escape. Having fled safely, the Zogilian forces move in to control the Chitose area.

Major BattlesEdit

For more details, please visit Battle of Chitose Base.


  • The title is a reference to Dio's psychological scars, particularly his traumatic experiences that led him to distance himself from his family.


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