Meeting Again
Episode #3
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Episode Information
Air date January 19, 2014
Arc To the Future Arc
Characters Don Naher
Valiancer Alsiel

Meeting Again (再会 Saikai?, lit. Reunion) is the third episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


As Aoba tries to get comfortable with this new, futuristic world that he's found himself in, the ship he is on comes under attack again. And during this engagement, he unexpectedly comes across someone he knows, but this time, as enemies.[1][2]


Further explaining why the world is at war, Mayuka briefs Aoba about the current war situation to help him become more aware of the events taking place. She also explains what Coupling is and its importance in turning the tables against the Zogilia Republic. This discussion however, disturbs Captain Gengo, to which his underling, Lene, reassures him that there is nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Mayuka gives Aoba a short show around of the ship, until the arrive at the room where they keep their Valiancers. More specifically, she explains to him what the Luxon, the mech Aoba piloted earlier, is and how its systems was being modified to suit him and his genetic code. The explaination was cut short when Dio arrived and reprimanded Mayuka for bringing him there. Suddenly, the alarm is sounded and interrupts their conversation; indicating that the ship was under attack; the Valiancer Unit is deployed to protect the Cygnus.

Bradyon clashes with Fortuna.

After a small skirmish between the two opposing forces, the unit succeeds in fending off the initial three soldiers in their pursuit. On the contrary, they were not retreating but preparing a different weapon. Alfred Gallant arrives in his Alsiel with a large Nector Rifle, doing heavy damage to the Cygnus. Due to the dire position they are in, Aoba is asked once again to go into battle. Still sharing Dio's knowledge of how to pilot a Valiancer, he suits up in a pilot's outfit and prepares himself to conduct a coupling with Dio once again. Successfully coupling for the second time, Dio leaves Aoba to face a Zogilia pilot by himself.

Dio prepares to evade a shot from Alsiel's Nector Rifle.

While fighting Alfred, Dio was able to utilize the coupling to evade his shots. Defeating her, he notices that she was in fact Hina Yumihara. Attempting to get her to remember him, he accidentally forced a decoupling, injuring Dio's brain in the process. Even so, Aoba's actions were only retaliated with an attack, due to them believing he was trying to capture her. Once again, due to heavy casualties on both sides, they were forced to retreat, leaving the battle at a standstill.


  • The episode's name may come from the fact that Aoba and Hina reunited for the first time (chronologically) after Hina disappeared in the previous episodes.
  • Beginning with this episode, the chief animation director is no longer credited.


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