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Margaret O'Keefe
Name Margaret O'Keefe
Personal Information
Gender Female
Age 28
Affiliation Zogilia Republic
Rank Secret Services Agent
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yumi Uchiyama

Margaret O'Keefe is a special agent of the Zogilia Republic.


She had been dispatched by Zogilia's Administration Bureau to supervise Alfried's Valiancer unit as well as the Trident ship.


She is cold and logical. She is very suspicious, and even the slightest suspcion would cause imprisonment. She does not accept anything until there is proof, as noted by Alred Gallant and Hina. She was shocked when the Cygnus escaped Chitose base by flying over the Trident and utterly taken aback by Dolzief's death.


She is a woman with light blond hair and yellow eyes. She keeps her hair in a bun and three way bangs, one on each side of her face and another descending between her eyes.


She was initially sent to capture one of the new coupling Valiancers of the Alliance. Afterwards she joined Alfred Gallant's ship. After Hina made contact with Aoba Watase , the Luxon's pilot, she immediately came under suspicion by Margaret.

She was onboard the Trident when Dolzief was killed, and was shocked.