Lasha Hakkarainen
Name Lasha Hakkarainen
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 18
Affiliation Republic of Great Zogilia
Valiancer Krishna
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 2
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Mutsumi Tamura
Lasha Hakkarainen (ラーシャ・ハッカライネン ) is a supporting character in the Buddy Complex anime. He is allied with the Zogilia Republic and ranked as an Ensign. He is also one of the members of the Trident's Valiancer Unit.


Lasha is a very loyal and determined individual. Not only is he loyal to Zogilia's cause, but is also extremely loyal to Bizon Gerafil. He cares deeply for Bizon's safety and follows his orders without complaint. Should the latter ever be in danger, Lasha has shown to become especially erratic.


Lasha is a young man of small and slim stature. He has blond hair, two thin bangs on each side of his face, and hair jutting outward from the top of his head. He also wears the normal uniform for officers allied with the Zogilia Republic. When in combat, Lasha also dons the standard pilot suit Zogilia's pilots usually wear.


Lasha is a very competent pilot. He was able to keep even Lee Conrad occupied. He can also work in tandem with his unit. Their abilities together were able to nearly defeat the Cygnus' Valiancer Unit, during their first encounter, until Aoba Watase appeared.[1]


To see the main article, visit Krishna Lasha pilots the Krishna. It is a Valiancer that is light teal in color, and wields a halberd in combat.


In a mission to find the two new Valiancers, the XV-7001 Luxon and XV-7002 Bradyon, Lasha and the other pilots in the Trident's Valiancer unit found themselves in a skirmish against the enemy. Upon closing onto the Bradyon and its pilot, Dio Junyou Weinberg, a new pilot Aoba Watase came seemingly out of nowhere to their aid. Lasha and his unit were then successfully fended off, when Dio and Aoba, conducted a Coupling. The combination of the two, combined with the Cygnus' already formidable forces, forced Lasha's unit to retreat in failure. After returning to the Trident, Lasha and his comrades were reassured by Lieutenant Colonel Alfried Gallant that it wasn't too late to complete their mission.[2]

Once again in pursuit of the Cygnus, Lasha and his team were faced with their enemies, only this time with a plan. Successfully luring out the enemy Valiancers, the latter created a false retreat to which Alfried's Alsiel attacked the Cygnus with a Valiancer-specific Nector Rifle. In the spur of things, Lasha and his comrades return to the battlefield, once again keeping them on the edge of defeat. However, with Aoba's return to fight and Hina Ryazan in trouble, the mission was abandoned; again ending in failure. With a second defeat, they again returned to the Trident for further orders.[3]


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