Gachapin Challenge: Valiancer
Gachapin Challenge clear
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Episode Information
Air date April 1, 2014
Characters Gachapin, Mukku

Gachapin Challenge: Valiancer is an April Fool's Day special, made available on the Buddy Complex official website on April 1, 2014 for 24 hours. The short stars Gachapin and Mukku, two characters from Japanese children's television series Hirake! Ponkikki.

To coincide with the short's release, the main page on the official website was temporarily changed to feature the two, and they were also added to the characters introduction page.


This short is composed of live action footage of the two main characters filmed in front of a blue screen intercut with stock footage of the show, along with some additional footage animated specifically for the short, and dubbed with new dialogue.

This short was included as a special feature in the 6th volume of the Blu-ray box, along with bloopers.




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