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Don Naher
Don Naher
Name Don Naher
Personal Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 3
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Nobuyuki Kobushi
He is the Cygnus chief mecanist.


Nothing is known of his background except he was chosen to be part of the Cygnus' crew.


He appears to be a light-hearted because when they were about to go to battle he asked Aoba if he knew how to swim because if they were beaten he would have to swim. He shown no ill-feeling when Aoba's actions caused Lee to be injured and actually thanked him because if he had not been there, they would have had to swim.


He is a man with a ginger suit, like the other mechanics. He has grey hair and wears a red cap. He has a scar on his left eyebrow.


He was present when the Cygnus had to lauch Beryl Commander, Beryl Assault and Bradyon. He asked Aoba if he was going too. Later Kuramitsu called him and asked him to prepare Luxon so Aoba would enter the battle too. He called the bridge when it was done and saw Luxon be launched.

In episode 4, despite Aoba's actions, the Cygnus was still able to escape from the enemy so he thanked him for saving all of them.

In episode 5, he welcomed Aoba back after they escaped from Chitose.