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Dio Junyou Weinberg
Name Dio Junyou Weinberg
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Family Fiona Junyou Weinberg (Sister)
Sadamichi Junyou Weinberg (Father)
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Valiancer Bradyon
Beryl Explorer
Bradyon Next (Current)
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Kōki Uchiyama

Dio Junyou Weinberg (隼鷹・ディオ・ウェインバーグ ) is the deuteragonist in the Buddy Complex anime. He is pilot of the XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT Valiancer, as well as an Ensign and member of the Cygnus' Valiancer Unit. He, along with Aoba Watase, is pivotal to the Free Pact Alliance's war effort, as they are the extremely rare pilots for the Coupling Valiancers, and has changed the war since the Coupling System's debut.


A year ago before first fought along side Aoba, Dio was stationed in his hometown, at Oomura base. However, when Zogilian forces launched a massive assault on the city, Dio's unit was overwhelmed and forced to retreat, after which the Zogilian forces bombed the city, killing his mother and crippling his little sister. This strained the relationship between him and his father, Sadamichi. It also drove Dio to become a better pilot.

After the bombing Dio, voluntarily transferred to Lake Louis Training Academy to receive Coupling training, where he became the Coupling partner of Fromm Vantarhei. He apparently never spoke with his sister about what had happened.

Dio belongs to the most well-known family within the Free Pact Alliance, the Weinberg Family. So much so, that in an event the family gets captured, they could be used as political tools against the Free Pact Alliance. 


Dio appears somewhat cold, obedient, logical, and standoffish; showing no real reaction when Marcus, his initial coupling buddy, dies in battle. He does not seem to be close of anyone outside his sister, Fiona. Dio is also very suspicious of Aoba and has difficulties to trust him; he does not address him directly, tells him not to call his name and bluntly refused to participate in his welcome party. Even when Aoba was enlisted and to stay as Luxon's pilot aboard the Cygnus, he appeared angry at the decision made. His blatant lack of trust and empathy, on one occasion, made it so they were unable to couple.[1]

Though he is absolutely stoic in appearance, Dio does have a conscience. Most notably, he feels guilty for not saving his mother and protecting his sister. He genuinely cares for his family and has been shown to go to great lengths to save them when they are endangered. This feeling, as Aoba noted, is the single feeling they share.[1]

It is implied he does care about Aoba's safety but he just won't admit it and hide behind military protocol or snarky remarks. Yet later, Dio chose to be Aoba's coupling buddy, a choice who seemed to surprise him and Aoba, but not Elvira and Fromm. He appeared to be more worried about Aoba's fall than he was about Marcus' death. Yet he refuses to admit he cares for Aoba. Dio does have a rebeliious side, as despite being ordered not to go find Aoba, he was ready to disobey orders. After being granted a time limit he went on even after it had passed. While cold he was still able to tell Aoba was not well though his method was quite harsh as it involved taunting him and punching him to "wake" him up.

Yet he was fairly angry when Bizon tackled Aoba and yelled at him to let him go. After sharing his memories, Dio seemed a lot more patient with Aoba, as he just sighed when Aoba told him he could not fight Hina. He could tell that no matter what he said Aoba would do what he wanted anyway. It is implied he trusts him more. Because Dio trusted Aoba, they were able to change Hina's fate. By episode 13, Aoba is clearly aware he cares for him enough to tease him about it. Dio seems to consider Aoba to have a lower military rank, despite both of them being ensign, and won't take orders from him.


Dio is a 16 year old boy with blond hair and blue eyes. He mostly wears his white uniform according to his rank. His other outfit is his pilot suit which is mostly red and white, with some black. In episode 5, he also wears dark black and red top and short for physical practice. While walking around town with Aoba Watase and Mayuka Nasu he is seen wearing casual white clothes. In an end card he is wearing a white and red shirt, along with a black jacket.


Dio's most notable talents are as a skilled pilot. He, albeit with some help, was able to hold his own against many elite Zogillian pilots all at once. His skills are such, that when coupled with a complete novice, this connection was enough to make them function as an experienced pilot. Even without his signature Bradyon, Dio was able to fight off the Zogilian Elite Squadron with the Beryl Explorer. In the same battle, even pilots like Aoba, Jarl, and Fromm — despite piloting the Bradyon and coupled to Luxon — were having difficulties even landing a hit.[2]

Additionally, Dio is one of the few people who are able to successfully couple with another pilot. Though Marcus was his initial partner, it is currently Aoba Watase. When coupled, Dio's reflexes enhances greatly. While piloting the Bradyon, its strength and speed become tremendously enhanced, swiftly dodging enemy attacks.

Dio's waveform deviated from the standard due to his coupling with Aoba, rendering him unable to couple with Fromm while it was possible in the past. Dio and Aoba's emphatier level can increase during battle, which cannot be explained by Elvira. She is also surprised, and pleased, as Dio's potential just increased as his waveform deviated. Because he chose to stay Aoba's buddy, it is implied he cannot couple with anyone else.

He was able to attack while maintaining Bradyon's position for Code T2 Rise, shooting down the enemy while staying synchronized with Luxon.

He can pilot Firebrand. He can also withstand the initial pain induced by the coupling of Firebrand and Skynight which was the result of a programm made to stop them from coupling, but they just overrode it due to their high empahter level. It appears to be about 80%. By episode 13, it is 90%.


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Dio is the pilot of the Bradyon valiancer. Red and white in color, the Bradyon is one of the Free Pact Alliance's prototype coupling Valiancer. With it's capacity to initiate coupling with another Valiancer, it is one of the stronger Valiancers created. As it was stolen, he is awaiting for another coupling valiancer.


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Dio piloted Firebrand Valiancer when Bradyon was stolen. It is orange and white in color. It is from the previous generation of coupling mechas. While it is able to initiate coupling with Skyknight, it seems to cause pain during coupling, and lead to Dio and Aoba sharing memories and forcefully decoupling.

Bradyon Next

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Dio's new coupling valiancer and twin to Luxon Next. It is an updated version of Bradyon.


To the Future Arc

Having a losing effort against Zogilia's forces, Dio and his unit were in a bad situation. Being slowly held back, a civilian, who introduced himself as Aoba Watase, had suddenly appeared in the Luxon valiancer that Marcus, Dio's original partner, previously inhabited. Seeing that Zogilia's primary object was to capture his prototype valiancer, Dio continued to fight all-out, knowing full well the importance of the fight. However, as the fight went on Dio was given word that Aoba had a perfect coupling with him. Using this to their advantage, both the Bradyon and Luxon coupled, fought ferociously, thus forcing their enemies to retreat. Later, while aboard the Cygnus, Dio and the others began to question where exactly Aoba was from. With a completely absurd story about being a time-traveler, Dio dismissed Aoba's story completely. Though he did not like Aoba, he nonetheless accepted the order to not harm him.

Walking around the Cygnus Dio spotted both Mayuka Nasu and Aoba looking at the Bradyon and immediately expressed his disapproval. As the argument started to heat up, they were interrupted by an alert. Going off to fight, Dio is attacked by several Zogillian valiancers with the intent to capture Bradyon. Despite another losing effort, he is surprised to see Aoba prepared to launch and outright told him he does not have to come. After the two coupled once again, they managed to suppress the opposition. However Aoba forcefully decoupling caused him great pain and Lieutenant Lee Conrad to get heavily injured. Once they arrive back on the Cygnus, Dio punches Aoba in anger, but is stopped by the others. He then left to recuperate.

Later that day, Dio was present at Aoba's enlistment. Though he disagreed with the decision, he did not openly voice his disagreement as Captain Gengo Kuramitsu and Elvira Hill agreed. However, when an S.O.S. was spotted by the crew, from a private ship being attacked, Dio's mistrust caused any coupling attempt to fail. With the situation at hand, he decided to enter the battle anyway, followed by Aoba and Jarl. He quickly found out the private ship is his family's and attempted to use any method possible to rescue them. Attempting to empathize with him, Aoba told him he wants to help him protect his family and to try coupling again. This time they succeed and Dio is able to save his family. Captain Kuramitsu ordered them to accompany the ship to the Chitose Base. Upon arrival, Dio immediately runs to the ship and is happy to see his sister, Fiona. Their happy meeting is cut short by the arrival of their father, Sadamichi Junyou Weinberg, who callously told Dio he should not be wasting time with them.

Since it Aoba had been enlisted, the crew wanted to celebrate with a welcoming party. However, Dio refused to take any part in it. Though, at his surprise, Fiona called him through the internal communication system beside Aoba. Before any could talk, they were interrupted by an alarm. Before suiting for battle, Fiona told Dio that she did not hold him responsible for anything, which seemed to make him even more resolving.

During battle, Dio spotted Aoba fighting Hina and that he did not attack. Jarl then asked him to go help out if he is worried about Aoba. Though Dio refuted this as the main battle was not there, Jarl said he was not being honest to himself. When he finally receives the orders to engage coupling, Dio immediately went and rescued Aoba. After cutting off the fight, they engaged the plan; using a new coupling technique to help the Cygnus escape. Later, back on the Cygnus, Dio thanked Aoba for taking care of his sister, calling his by his name for the first time.

Dio did not seem to like the promotion video idea but he went along with it. Later, Dio was said he would have to couple with Fromm Vantarhei, whom he knew and did not enjoyed the perspective. However, it was revealed he could not couple with him, but Aoba could. Dio was told to use the Bery Explorer to film the coupling. Yet, they were attacked by Zogillian elite Squad, which he had to fight in the beryl. He noticed the enemy was driving Aoba into a trap and went to save him. He grabbed one enemy to throw him at another, loosing an arm and shot at a third to break the formation, which saved Luxon. He then went to fight Dolzief, he was able to evade his attack and touch him, much to the enemy's surprise. He retreated to the Cygnus with Aoba and Fromm. The two latter mused on his combat skills once back. Dio was forced to act jovially for the thing, something Aoba saw, noted, and later teased him for.

After Lee's recovery, it was revealed Aoba was extremely compatible with the coupling system, as his waveform obtained 100% of the standard one. However, because Dio and Fromm coupled with Aoba, their own waveform had deviated, which is why they cannot couple. They were interrupted when the enemy found the Cygnus. Fromm proposed a game to decide who would be buddy. Dio and Aoba chose each other., Fromm took the Beryl Explorer. Bradyon coupled with Luxon but the Imperial Forces used sky mines and encirclement again. To counter them, Dio and Aoba used the Code T2 Rise and they were able to defeat them. Exhausted, Dio decoupled their valiancers and they went back... to be attacked by Alfred Gallant's squad. The Cygnus headed for the storm, leading its valiancers to come back, and Bizon to retreat. However, Hina decided to go back to the fight, in order to kill Aoba. Dio was able to land on the ship but not Aoba. Dio told him to fight back but Aoba would not, eventually both Aoba and Hina plummeted through the clouds.

Even after being told to sit idle and wait, Dio nonetheless was worried about Aoba and wanted to go search for him which was first denied, as the storm was still rumbling and because they had no way to find him. As he was going to go anyway, the captain gave him three hours, Fromm decided to accompany him so that they would not loose both coupling machines, and Elvira told him about the emergency search mode. He went to find Aoba with Fromm. He tried numerous times to call Aoba through the coupling system. Eventually he got an answer from Aoba. He was annoyed when Aoba cut off the call and refused to believe the communication had just given out, as Aoba had actually hanged up so Hina could call her people. He told Aoba he was going to have trouble for the ordeal, Fromm remarked that he too was in trouble, as he had disobeyed by not coming back after three hours. Fromm and he then retrieved the marooned valiancer and pilot.

Dio and Aoba participated in a test coupling for professor Fermi, the one being the coupling project. Realizing something amiss, Dio inquired why Aoba had lied about the communication and what had happened on the island. Aoba did answered that the Hina he had met was not the one he knew. Dio made it clear he did not believed in the time travel story Aoba gave but he did hit him, to awaken him because he was sulking according to Dio. It ended up in a fight the three other pilots broke up and they were both send in detention because of it. They were released because of an alert and while able to couple they argued a lot. Dio tried to help Aoba when the Zogillian Valiancers attacked him. When Aoba doubted of their capacity to stop the missiles launched against the Cygnus Dio encouraged Aoba to fight despite the odds and it worked, though he mainly taunted him resulting in Aoba striking back at him; yet even while arguing they destroyed the missiles. They passed the 300 seconds the coupling was supposed to last but managed to make it last 429 seconds, much to everyone's shock. Dio watched as they took the corpse of Fermi.

While attending Fermi's funerals and much to his surprise, his father came as well. The consequences were mostly Aoba questioning him during the errand they made later. Dio eventually left Aoba and Mayuka and encountered his family butler who informed him his father was there. He spent time with his father who questioned him about Aoba, because he knew that it was disturbing his waveform, but Dio defended Aoba, after conceding he was an idiot. He reunited with Aoba and Mayuka, and Dio and was surprised to see Fiona was with them. They spoke for a while. Then, Dio and Aoba went on a practice session which went fine but Dio blamed Aoba for rushing too much which led to another argument.

Afterwards in a meeting alongside Aoba, Fromm, and Mayuka, Elvira explained the previous generation of coupling Valiancer: Skyknight and Firebrand. When the base was attacked he gave Aoba a rifle. However Fromm and Dio got separated from Aoba when a Beryl Valiancer crashed into the building. He shot away Bizon's gun as he was about to shoot Aoba, despite Hina pleading for Bizon not to do it, but was furious Aoba refused to let him shoot at them, as he didn't want Hina to be shot. He took Firebrand to pursue Bradyon and Luxon which had just been stolen. They were able to couple despite the initial pain, yet the coupling came to an abrupt stop when he went to help Aoba who was being attacked by Bradyon. When he pushed the Bradyon away, apparently because Aoba and Dio were both angry at the same enemy and synchronized, the coupling system went through an anomaly which caused pain to both pilots, and showed Aoba Dio's past and Dio Aoba's past, before decoupling. They ended the pursuit as they were exhausted and Zogillia was able to steal Bradyon and Luxon. The experience left Dio in shock and wonder afterwards.

To much surprise, it is revealed Dio's experience within Firebrand did not do any damage, though it is noted his waveform deviated even more and that the reason he was able to couple, despite Elvira's safety program, was because his emphatier level with Aoba had increased by 15%. Having seen Aoba's memories, he was able to tell captain Kuramitsu, vice-captain Kleinbeck, Elvira and Mayuka that Aoba was most likely a time traveler. He listened to Elvira's explanations about the old coupling system. He told them that Hina Yumihara had the answers about Aoba. Later, he was on the bridge when the Cygnus went for a mission. He learnt two new coupling Valiancers were to be delivered to them, in the middle of the battlefield. He commented that he would fight if he had a mecha. In the hangar, he had a discussion with Aoba, as his sister had called him, and he commented Aoba had made his choice: fight to protect the Cygnus. Yet Aoba told him he could not fight Hina, Dio told him he had things to protect too, more important than Hina, and that he would protect them. He commented Aoba's idiocy had stained him. They were waiting when the Gorgon fired through the mountain and at the fleet, destroying 51% of the Alliance fleet, and the Cygnus lost contact with the ship that was coming with the new coupling Valiancers, leading Aoba and Dio to be placed on standby.

In episode 13, Dio went to search his new valiancer with FireBrand. He returned with Aoba just in time to save the Cygnus using his new coupling valiancer Bradyon Next. He fought the Zogilia coupling valiancers then drove Bizon away so Aoba could attempt to communicate with Hina, which included decoupling in the middle of the fight, a plan proposed by Elvira because she suspected the enemy's coupling was forced. That plan succeeded, he realized Hina had had a forceful decoupling due to it. They continued the mission by closing in the Gorgon that was recharging. However they were attacked by Bizon who took Hina and tried to couple with her. Aoba coupled with her and together they created some sort of green particul star over the battlefield. That star was shot by the Gorgon but it actually created the time tunnel. In Hina's memories, Aoba saw that Dio had stopped him from going after Hina, however that time, Dio was ready to help, because he had seen Aoba's memories, and followed him in the tunnel where they stopped Hina and shot Bizon's valiancer down. They exited the vortex, back to the battlefield. The Alliance destroyed the Gorgon and Dio and Aoba reported to the Cygnus they were still there. Hina then commented Aoba had abandonned his last chance to go home, Dio told he just did not thought things through, but Aoba told him it might not be his last chance since no one knows what future will be like. They began to argue afterward, because Aoba implied he would be lonely if he had gone back to his time. They returned to the Cygnus with Hina.



Sadamichi Junyou Winberg- Dio's father. He holds Dio responsible for the death of his wife and Fiona's injuries because he was part of the defending fleet, which was overwhelmed. Dio had a discussion with him which is apparently something Fiona wanted. It is mentioned that his father told his sister that he was going for an important mission, leading her to call Dio.

Dio's mother - Dio feels responsible for her death, because he was unable to protect their hometown. It seems her charred body appeared in the memories of Dio Aoba saw.

Fiona Junyou Weinberg- Dio's sister. They seem close as they were happy to see each other at the end episode 4 and 10. However Dio feels responsible of the injuries that left her wheelchair-bond. But she does not hold him responsible for it contrary to her father. Dio is very protective of his sister. Dio realized because of Aoba that the situation between him and his father was hurting her and thus he had to try.

Cygnus' crew

Dio seems to know the crew quite well, and they know him too. Though he does not seem too close of them, they appears to be used to his personality. He had more difficulties with Aoba and Fromm, despite knowing the latter.

Aoba Watase- Dio's coupling buddy, since Marcus died. Dio sees him as a threat as first and does not trust him. He does not talk to him directly or call him by any name at first. He refused to be addressed as "Dio" by Aoba, as they were not even friends. He is angered at Aoba after the incident in episode 3, which leads him to distrust him even more and they cannot perform coupling due to this. He is not thrilled by Aoba's enlistement, but does not voice his disagreement, even if he looks very angry because it means Aoba stays his coupling buddy. After Aoba tells him he understands how he feels about protecting his family, since he does not know if he will see his again, they are able to use coupling. He still refuses to participate into Aoba's welcoming party. He is annoyed that Aoba let Fiona get on the Cygnus. He is also irritated when Elvira Hill comments that Aoba and he are synchronized when they ask about Fiona's safety at the same time and are relieved to know she is fine. Jarl implies he is worried about Aoba, though he does not go because the main battle is not there, Jarl tells him he is being disonest but the discussion is cut short by new instructions and he goes. He rescues Aoba just in time. He calls him out for not fighting back. They use coupling to help the Cygnus escape. Afterward, Dio uses Aoba's name to thank him for taking care of his sister, implying he trusts him more, as he never bothered before to even talk to him outside of battle or call him by any name. It is shown he cares for Aoba's safety and is willing to talk with him. He has a casual conversation with Aoba when the latter ask about Fromm. He seems annoyed when Aoba is revealed to be able to couple with Fromm. During the next battle, he is piloting a Beryl as Fromm is in Bradyon and he realizes Aoba is in danger, having been separated from Bradyon. He goes to great lengths to save him and succeeds. Dio says Aoba thanks him but he just says it was his mission. He is surprised when it is revealed Aoba's waveform matched the standard one, even more when it was revealed it also caused his waform to deviate, causing him not to be able to couple with Fromm. When they had choice to choose who would be their coupling buddy, Dio chose Aoba, and Aoba chose him, which appeared to surprised both of them. During battle, they were able to work perfectly together. Dio is very worried when Aoba is knocked out of the sky while fighting Hina, while he barely reacted to Marcus' death. He was willing to disobey orders in order to find Aoba. He appeared rather annoyed when Aoba cut off the call. Dio refused to admit he was worried for Aoba. Dio was able to tell Aoba was not well but his solution was to punch him so he would stop sulking, which started a fight between them. Dio refuses to believe in time travel. Yet he was doing that so Aoba would not be depressed anymore, he encouraged him to protect the Cygnus. They clashed again when Aoba recalled him he had been the one that was down for the longest time and thet he was just imitating him, which Dio found was blunt to say, while he did not say to contrary. He called Aoba "weeper" because of his sulking but Aoba nicknamed him "siscon". But he was reassured when Aoba's fighting spirit proved efficient. He is annoyed by Aoba's concern about his relationship with his father. Yet it was Aoba's words that pushed him to have a conversation with his father. He was ready to defend Aoba when his father spoke about him. In episode 11, Dio saw Aoba's memories and was left shocked, probably because he had never truly believed it, or even accepted it before. He save Aoba's life by shooting at Bizon's gun. After seeing his memories Dio seemed enclined to believe Aoba's claims about Hina. It is impled their bond has gotten stronger because Elvira's programm that was supposed to stop Firebrand and Skyknight was apparently overrode due to their high emphatier level. He seems to have accepted that Aoba comes from 2014 and understood why he would not fight Hina, though he told Aoba he had people to protect too. He actually agreed to decouple in a fight, knowing Aoba was  going to open his cockpit to talk to Hina. He is also very supportive of Aoba's efforts to save Hina because he had seen his memories contrary to the previous timelines where he prevented Aoba from following Hina. He was surprised when Aoba told that he would have been lonely if he had gone back, telling him he was slow-witted, which started another bickering between the two of them. Dio still feels he has superiority over Aoba as he won't take order from him.

Lee Conrad- Dio's superior in the valiancer unit. He calls him by his rank rather than his name, contrary to Jarl and Aoba. He was happy when Lee came back from the infirmary.

Jarl Duran- Dio's fellow pilot. He points out to Dio he should help Aoba if he is worried, and when Dio says the battle was not there, he accuses the young pilot of not being honest, hinting he knew Dio was worried. While they are using the new coupling technic Dio appears to tell something very similar to Aoba, about the fact he should ask for help and be honest, while Jarl accused him of this back then.

Gengo Kuramitsu- Cygnus' captain. Dio obeys him even when he demanded him to use coupling with an unknown civilian. He does not voice his objections when the captain decides to accept Aoba when he enlists, despite clearly being against it. Kurimatsu gave Dio three hours to find Aoba because he knew Dio would go even if was ordered not to.

Fromm Vantarhei- The newest Cygnus' crew and fellow pilot. They know each other and Dio is not particulary happy to see him, though Fromm does not seem hurt by this fact. Apparently when they met, among the things he asked Dio was from where he came, which Dio answered, Fromm then realized Dio came from a doomed place. Anyway Dio never really liked Fromm, it appears his friendly, happy personality never sit well with Dio who had much more serious circumstances. While Dio cannot couple with him, Aoba can. This results in Fromm briefly piloting the Bradyon in Dio's place, much to the latter's annoyance. He is surprised, and annoyed as he is fine with him going away, when it is revealed that Fromm will be staying on the Cygnus. Even if Fromm is friendly he apparently likes to tease Dio a lot. It is implied Dio has a bad connection with Fromm in the flashes Aoba saw during his time within the old model, Fromm seemed to appeared shadowed.

Marcus- Dio's former coupling buddy. He died during the initial Zogillian attack to capture Bradyon and Luxon. He was crushed by debris before he could make it to Luxon but his death did not really seem to bother Dio. While they were partners it seemed like they were not really close or friends.


Hina Yumihara- While they never talked, it is implied she is a source of problems to him, as Aoba refuses to attack her or let Dio take her down, thus endangering his life while it is obvious she wants to kill him. Later, it was because Aoba would not let her be shot down while stealing Bradyon. He later saw Aoba's memories, and therefore saw Hina, the one who sent Aoba to the future, and he was shocked. He acknowledged that the only one that had answers about Aoba was Hina Yumihara. He helped Aoba to save her. He does not mind her that much as he started an argument with Aoba while she was listening. He no more considers her as an enemy. He was willing to go within the time tunnel with Aoba to help her on the basis she had saved Aoba. He had no problem telling her Aoba just did not think things through.

Bizon Gerafil-They are enemies. They never communicated but it is implied they dislike each other due to their relationships with Aoba. The only time they met in person he stopped him from killing Aoba by shooting at his gun. It is implied that apart from the fact they are soldiers from antagonistic army, the fact that Bizon targets Aoba is what annoys Dio the most. There is no indication Bizon knows Dio but he is obsessed with Aoba. Dio knew he had to shot Bizon down to prevent him from going after Aoba's life in the past.


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  • By episode 12 the higher-ranked officers in the Alliance seem to value Dio and Aoba a lot more than they did before.
  • Dio's mother was only partially shown in Dio's memories, being a charred hand. There has been no other images of her.
  • It seems Dio's hometown was not stated but when he told Fromm where he was based before Coupling training, Fromm told it had just been bombed. If the bases are named after the town closest to them (such as Narashino base) then the town was most likely named Omura.
  • The Dio from the original timeline stopped Aoba from going after Hina in the time tunnel because he said it was too dangerous. The reason why he did not do so in the current timeline is because he had seen Aoba's memories when they coupled with Firebrand and Skyknight and knew what was going to happen if he had let it happen.
    • It is presumed in the original timeline the coupling with FIrebrand and Skyknight had failed, so Dio did not know what would happen.
  • Dio has piloted the most Valiancers in the entire series, piloting four Valiancer.