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If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the Project Overseers, or if appointed, the leader of each Support Group.

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Support Groups


  • First and foremost, each of the support groups have the sole duty of improving the Buddy Complex Wiki as a whole. Each group must uphold their duties to the highest regard with a goal of zero errors in mind.

  • Each group is run by their own leaders, dubbed "Captains". Each Captain can run their group however they see fit. If there are any problems, report it to them. However, if there exist any personal issues, please contact the Project Overseer.

  • Each and every member of each Support Group MUST be a registered user.


Every Support group has the same ranking system. It goes as follows:
  • PROJECT OVERSEER - The Project Overseer, or "PO", is an Admin only rank that exceeds all other ranks, however, cannot make direct changes to any Support Group, as they are not officially a part of the group. Mainly, the PO makes sure that no one abuses their rights or if administrative powers are needed to settle a dispute.
  • CAPTAIN - There can only be one Captain for each Support Group. Captain are the leaders of each group and makes the final decision for who is accepted into their group. They are also responsible for making rules, guidelines, and the design of their group in their entirety. Additionally, Captain can decide the ranks for each of the members within their guild, excluding the Project Overseer.
  • LIEUTENANT - There can be a maximum of three Lieutenants in each Support Group. They are the second-in-command to the captain, and enforce their group's rules and regulation among the other guild members. They also are given the right to promote users that apply for the group. They however, cannot accept any applications, as that power is only given to the Captain.
  • ENSIGN - There can be any number of ensign in a Support Group. It is the miscellaneous rank the group and have no special privileges in the guild.
NOTE: The eligibility for each rank, however, changes from group to group.

Current Support GroupsEdit

Character Support Logo2

Character Support Group
This particular Support Group manages character articles and the organization of their pages.
Currently lead by Sdanand(talk)
Anime Support Logo

Anime Support Group
All anime episode pages, and how they are organized, fall under this Support Group's jurisdiction.
Currently lead by Koto Senju(talk)
Valiancer Support Logo

Valiancer Refinery Support Group
All info on Valiancers, their respective weaponry, and as they appear in character articles, are all under the jurisdiction of the VRSG.
Currently lead by Koto Senju(talk)

Pending Support GroupsEdit

  • Image Support
  • Event Reference Support
  • Chatroom Maintenance
  • Arc Creation Support

Support Group DiscussionEdit

Each group has their own function and duty. This, however, is still in discussion. You can visit the forum page HERE .

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