The Buddy Complex Wiki stands as one of many animanga Wiki, following the Buddy Complex animated series.


Buddy Complex Wiki was originally created by a Wiki Staff Member, Gcheung28. Though she set the foundation for this wonderful upcoming site, not many editors set their sights on helping her. However one editor did eventually come, NaviigatorKoto Senju, and made it a mission to improve the wiki to the best of his ability. Through many days of struggling to maintain and update the site by himself, the site eventually attracted a variety skilled and interesting editors.

One editor in particular, MakotoLeeJacksonLee, made many edits that helped improve the wiki greatly. Without much hesitation, he was made an Administrator, and even in Navigator's frequent absences, Makoto led the charge in furthering this sites greatness.

The combination of the two led to a more stable foundation that this site remains standing on. Either of these two editors can be contacted through the Forum page or directly on their message walls.