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This site is dedicated to the Japanese mecha anime television series, produced by Sunrise, and the manga adaptation by the same name! Fans and anyone interested in the series are welcome to contribute and to help this site grow into the #1 encyclopedic database for all things Buddy Complex!  If there are any concerns, take the opportunity to visit our Forum Page.
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Buddy Complex Final Chapter: Into the Skies of Tomorrow

Hina comes aboard the Cygnus with Aoba and Dio, and she must decide where her allegiances lie. Meanwhile, her former comrades return home to Zogilia to find a shocking turn of events. (Read More...)

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Coupling enables two users to share experiences, abilities, and skills; all while increasing the abilities and output of their Valiancers. The Coupling System can, at best, instantly turn a complete novice with no prior experience, into a pilot with exceptional skill. In addition, while linked the predictive capabilities of the user also enhance. However, this feature is only temporary, and usually lasts only around 300 seconds. Users must have compatible emphatier levels to conduct a successful Coupling.

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