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Air date February 16, 2014

Buddy is the seventh episode of the Buddy Complex anime.


As the Cygnus makes its way to the Hawaii Base, Zogilia's Protection Division catches up with them. And the three Coupler pilots must decide who will pair up with whom.[1][2]


Opening with a flashback, the beginning of the episode reveals the history between both Dio Junyou Weinberg and Fromm Vantarhei, at the Lake Louis Training Academy.

Meanwhile, on the Cygnuss way back to the Alliance's base in Hawaii, Captain Gengo Kuramitsu and Lieutenant Lene Kleinbeck discuss a broadcast from the Zogilia Republic, and how it was used as propaganda. Approaching a small formation of islands, the Cygnus lays low for a while, in order to throw off the Gae Bulg's radars. However, sensing a storm approaching and that the enemy would not be able to catch up, the Cygnus uses its radar jamming technology to confuse the latter. During a briefing, Elvira Hill and Mayuka Nasu explain the the ships Valiancer Unit, how Aoba was an anomaly in coupling research. They further elaborated by saying that his wave-length is somehow exactly the same as the standard wave-length. Then to everyone's surprise, Lee Conrad returns from injury.

The briefing, however, was cut short by an alert that they had been found. Though, the ship was not the Gae Bolg, but the Zogilia's new battleship, the Vajra, led by Alfried Gallant and his previous Valiancer Unit from aboard the Trident. Despite accomplishing what Dolzief could not, Officer Margaret O'Keefe tells Alfried to send the coordinates to the Gae Bolg immediately. Receiving the enemy coordinates, Dolzief immediately proceeds to attack the Cygnus. Despite managing to separate the Cygnus' forces, Dolzief is defeated by Aoba and Dio, who uses their combined ability to use the Code T3 Rise, and subsequently destroying his Valiancer. Much to Alfried's amusement, he sends his unit to initiate a follow-up attack on the Cygnus' crew. Using his timing correctly, he had been waiting for the enemy's coupling to cease.

Seeing that they are in a grave situation, Captain Gengo orders the crew to hide within the storm as opposed to fighting a battle they could not win. Upon noticing their plan, Alfried orders his unit to retreat due to the fact that the high-powered storm would not work in their favor in battle. Refusing to give up until Aoba was dead, Hina pursues them anyway, managing to stop Aoba from successfully landing on the Cygnus. With a short skirmish, both of them are flung into the storm, falling down to the islands below.

Major battle(s)Edit

See Second Imperial Skirmish


  • The title may refer to Aoba and Dio choosing each other as buddies.


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