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Aoba Watase
Name Aoba Watase
Personal Information
Gender Male
Age 16
Family Tsubasa Watase (sister)
Tomoyo Watase (mother)
Aoba's Father (father)
Hina Yumihara (girlfriend)
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Valiancer XV-7001 Luxon
XV-7101 Luxon NEXT (Current)
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actor
Voice Actor Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Aoba Watase (渡瀬 青葉, Watase Aoba ) is the main protagonist of the Buddy Complex anime television series. Initially a student at Seio High School, he was sent to the future by his classmate Hina Yumihara. Upon arrival, he was placed in the cockpit of the XV-7001 Luxon Coupling Valiancer and later became a vital member of the Free Pact Alliance alongside Dio Junyou Weinberg. Under the close vigil of Captain Gengo Kuramitsu, Aoba became enlisted as an Ensign-ranked pilot and a member of the Cygnus' Valiancer Unit.

Personality & Character

Aoba can be best described as a kind, endearing, and caring person. However, even from his very first appearance, his most defining trait is his capacity to easily trust others. When in danger, Aoba has even shown a courageous aspect of his personality. The future Hina in the original timeline has even called him too trusting of others.[1]This aspect gave him an uneasy start with the crew of the Cygnus.[2]In these instances he is more than willing to put himself into battle and fight with his friends in the front line.[3]

Easy to give his trust to others, he does not hesitate to tell anyone he is from the past. Though he realized they would not believe him, it still became an issue for him because it seems less likely that he will return home. He is also an optimist as he did not stop protecting people he holds dear when he is of use, even after realizing that he would never see his home, family, and friends ever again. Additionally, Aoba is capable of easily empathizing with others.[4]

He seems well able to decipher Dio's mindset. He was somewhat depressed when Hina told him she was not the one he was searching for but continued to show an optimistic nature, as he accepted it but remained friendly to her. Despite this, he was saddened because it meant he could not return home. Another point of his personality is his honesty. He actually tells he came from the past to the Cygnus' crew and never deviated from it. It was the truth but it was pointed out he should and could have come up with a better story. While he was scarred of fighting, of piloting, in the beginning he became more confident and is able to enter battlefield even if he is not coupled. Aoba is also the type of person who is known to bear heavy guilt on himself. When Lee Conrad was wounded trying to protect him, Aoba became doubtful about his signifigance within the Cygnus' Valiancer Unit, believing he would only hurt the people close to him.[4]

It appears Aoba is not as aggressive as a pilot than Dio as he often avoids attacking or looking around before going into the battle. When he is motivated, endangered or feels competitive, he goes on the offensive. The fact he sometimes needed encouragement was noticed by Dio who uses it, though usually by taunting him, so that Aoba would fight harder. It is hinted he cares for Dio's relationship with his family because he cannot be with that of his own, and he believes they should try to be a family because they can still be together (in the same time period). Dio noticed he was quite stubborn and would do what he wanted to even if he was told not to. Dio himself displays a similar stubborness. Aoba is determined to protect the Cygnus and while at the same time he decided not to fight Hina. He put himself in danger for her and it worked. He greatly cares for Hina as well as for the Cygnus' crew.


Aoba is a 16-year old boy who has a sub-athletic physique for someone his age. He has brown hair with a parted bang going down his face. He also has green eyes. Yet to change clothes, he wears his school uniform, which consists of a normal white collared shirt, with denim pants and white shoes that adorn red stripes. Upon accustoming tho war in the future, Aoba dons a new soldier outfit that is red and white jacket, white shirt, blue trousers and brown boots, and  adorning the emblem of an Ensign.[4]

His pilot suit is white, blue and red, its coloring is reversed compared to Dio and Fromm's. He has a white uniform similar to Dio's and Fromm's but he only wears it for Fermi's funerals. As a civilian, he keeps the brown boots and blue trousers but sports an orange t-shirt.

Skills & Abilities


Initially, Aoba had no experience as a pilot. However, upon coupling with Dio Junyou Weinberg, the latter had gained all of his skills and piloting abilities. Ever since their first coupling, Aoba has been able to hold his own against the most elite Valiancer pilots of both the Free Pact Alliance and the Zogilia Republic.[2] [3] [5]Seen as a valuable asset to the war effort, Aoba has become well known for his consistent triumphs over the enemy.

While Coupling, Aoba's capabilities as a pilot are immensely increased, defying nearly all odds against him. Along with Dio, he was able to outsrip and defeat the Zogilian Elite Squadron twice, and even an entire Zogilian fleet led by Margaret O'Keefe and Alfred Gallant.[6]

Coupling Capabilities

Aoba, as an adept coupler, is compatible with many different individuals, including: Dio Junyou Weinberg, Fromm Vantarhei, and Hina Ryazan. Infact Aoba was discovered to be entirely compatible with the coupling system's average waveform, as discovered by Elvira and Mayuka. In theory, Aoba is compatible with basically anyone no matter how far their waveform was from the standard one. However, it has an apparent downside, because coupling with Aoba apparently change the waveform of his buddy. After just a few times, Dio's was most recently recorded to be only 60%, while it was 100% due to training. This in turn, left Dio uncompatible with Fromm as a result.

Aoba is what Elvira deems a "Coupling anomaly", as he has proven to constantly defy her division's research and testing. At one point, Aoba was even able to ignore the maximum of 300 seconds coupling time limit, while in battle.

It is later revealed this compatibility is due to him being in the very first Coupling experiments, alongside Hina.

Other Skills

Apart from his piloting capabilities, Aoba is also very durable and noticeably resistant to even severe pain. This became evident when he forced a decoupling with Dio Junyou Weinberg. Although the latter was temporarily crippled, halting his performance completely, Aoba remained able to stand.[4]Even during the time Hina and he were stuck in a cave due to a mudslide, he was able to dig longer than she could despite, Hina being a trained soldier and oxygen deprivation. Then he saved her from drowning, while she could barely move.



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Aoba appeared within the cockpit of Luxon, Bradyon's twin valiancer. Aoba can pilot Luxon because Dio shared his abilities with him during coupling. When cornered Aoba used to have flashes of Dio's actions, he saw his hands and feet moving and he just had to copy them. Eventually the flashes disappeared but Aoba had gotten used to piloting so it means that he can pilot Luxon on his own. Luxon is a white and blue Valiancer that looks like Bradyon and can perform a Coupling. After it was stolen by the Zogilia Republic, it was replaced with the Luxon Next.


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It is Firebrand's twin Valiancer and part of the previous generation of Coupling mechas. It is green and white, bulky and looks similar to a 6-A Beryl. It was piloted briefly by Aoba before it was deemed too dangerous by Elvira, who disabled the Coupling System onboard.

Luxon NEXT

To see the main article, visit Luxon Next

Aoba's current Coupling Valiancer and the twin Valiancer of the XV-7102 Bradyon NEXT. It is an upgraded version of Luxon. It is white and blue in color.



There is very little known about Aoba's childhood, except he was born in Narashino, Japan. However, it is known that in middle school he had two close friends, Kintero and Kenichi, which he met in the school's basketball team. But, because of the rehab his friend was sent through, they all transferred to same high school.

To the Future Arc

With summer ending Aoba finally returns to school, greeting his two closest friends, Kintero and Kenichi. Returning to school, he also noticed that he was seated next to Hina Yumihara, a fairly new student. After school, having finished playing basketball with his two close friends, he receives an alert on his phone. Dismissing it at first, a Valiancer soon appeared. Despite the unknown assailant's every attempt to kill Aoba, he successfully avoided them by going into town to slip from the latter's notice. Having been aided by Hina, she too adored a Valaincer. With no other options, Aoba quickly joined Hina within her Valiancer, taking assassin head-on. After briefly defeating the assailant, she explained to Aoba that she and the former are time travelers. And since the assailant came to kill him, she came to save him. Initially wanting Aoba go back to his life and forget about all this, she claimed that she should now flee. Before she can explain why he was targeted, the enemy reappeared and engaged his Valiancer's self-destruct mechanism. Trying to escape the trap, Hina noticed the wormhole. With no other choice, Hina decided to take Aoba into the future. Before promptly fading away, she told him that Dio is waiting.

(Aoba Watase in Encounter)

After brief confusion, Aoba found himself within the cockpit of a Valiancer. To his surprise, Aoba noticed that he was on a warzone. Wondering where Hina could be, a message suddenly appears stating that he had a "nice coupling". Trying to find help, Aoba is told to stay calm and keep put. However, due to his coupling status, he is later told to connect with Dio. Upon hearing Dio's voice, Aoba questions whether the latter knew who he was. In the midst of confusion on both ends, the two eventually engage the coupling system. Once coupled it is explained he should be able to skillfully pilot his Valiancer. Proving to be the case, Aoba engaged in a short fight against an enemy Valiancer, which he defeats. After the battle, he was taken into custody by the Cygnus' crew, and though they had not believed that he is from the past, they still confined him to the ship, seeing the boy as more of an asset.

(Aoba Watase in Nice Coupling)

Later, courtesy of Mayuka Nasu, Aoba was given an explanation about the war, how the Free Pact Alliance was the world's last hope against the Zogilia Republic, and that the Valiancer he was piloting, the Luxon, had been modified to his capabilities. Interrupting the tour, Aoba clashed with Dio who thinks he should not be wandering or disrespectfully call him by his name. Though the argument was short lived, the two were interrupted by an alarm. Aoba, amazed by the Valiancers', stood in awe in realizing that he truly was in the future. Because the crew was losing the battle to their enemies,Captain Gengo Kuramitsu asked the boy to once again pilot Luxon. After coupling with Dio once again he fights a Zogilian Valiancer, that shockingly turned out to be Hina. With this discovery leading to him forcefully shut down the coupling system, causing pain to himself and Dio, Aoba attempted to aid Hina. However, she did not recognize him. Left vulnerable by his shock, he left himself vulnerable. Being initially the target of Alfred Gallant's attack, Lee instead took the shot. Realizing they had lost, the Zogilian forces retreated.

(Aoba Watase in Meeting Again)

Being reprimanded by Dio for his carelessness, Aoba realizes that Hina did not recognize him at all. Feeling awful for Lee's sacrifice, Aoba apologizes to Lee, who in turn assures Aoba that that he was the one who actually saved everyone. Aoba was then allowed to go in his hometown in the Narashino Base, easily spotting Mayuka, who was trying to spy on him, became his guide. Realizing that everything had changed from 74 years ago, visited his house, tried to contact his sister, and visited his school, he only found that they were all no more. Upon coming back to the Cygnus, Aoba tells Mayuka that he did not want to go back, as other people would only get hurt because of him. Mayuka in response, reaffirms that he saved everyone on the Cygnus and that they need him. With newfound confidence, her speech encourages him to return and enlist. His request was easily accepted and was given the rank of Ensign. Having gone to visit Lee, who wasn't in critical condition, is happy to share the good news. Despite the congratulations, both Elvira and Lee add that he must not ever forcefully decouple as he did before, as it may cause brain damage.

On their way to headquarters, the Cygnus is surprised with an S.O.S. call. Taking the threat to an allying private ship head-on, Aoba and Dio were at odds, therefore unable to couple. Even so, Aoba still decideed to follow Dio in battle. Having noticed Dio's frantic attempts to save the private ship, it was explained Dio's family that was targeted by the Zogillia. Empathizing with Dio, Aoba convinces him that coupling was the only sure way to save his family. With the two able to again couple, they easily defeat their opposition. Ordered to escort the ship to Chitose base, he and Dio safely arrive. Dio, concerned about his family, greeted his sister, Fiona Junyou Weinberg , and also his father, Sadamichi Junyou who seemed rather cold with his son.

(Aoba Watase in The Time For Resolve)

Upon returning to the Cygnus, which instead headed to Chitose due to suffering heavy casualties, Aoba began to worry about Dio and his relationship with his father. Shortly after he was interrupted by Ensign, Ogisaka Saburouta, and Mayuka, claiming that they came to "train" him. At first Aoba refused, but Mayuka explained that they want to take the occasion to show him around as he was new to the ship. However, he ended up on cleaning duty. After becoming fed up with it, he spotted Fiona and her guardian who were refused the right to board the Cygnus to see her brother. After hearing of Dio's story, Aoba decided to feign injury for her to sneak on board. Looking for Dio, Aoba was surprised to see the crew had prepared a party for him on the bridge. Noticing that Dio did not attend, he then let Fiona call him on the intercom, but they were soon interrupted by an alert. The Zogilia had invaded the Chitose region. Before going to battle, Aoba and Dio questioned about Fiona and are relieved as they are told she was successfully evacuated to the Weinberg ship.

In the midst of battle, he was confronted by Hina, whom he refused to fight. With Dio noticing the conflict, rescued him as they were given new orders. Ordered to couple once again, they helped the Cygnus breaking through and escape, by using a new defensive method, the T3-Rise. After the battle, Dio thanked him for taking care of his sister, calling him by his name for the first time.

(Aoba Watase in Scars)

Aoba was told about a promotion video on coupling, however he is not part of it, another coupler was called in. The new pilot seems to know Dio, who was not thrilled by his presence, leading Aoba to question him. Later, Aoba was revealed to be compatible with Fromm Vantarhei and coupled with him for the film a promotion video. However they were attacked by the Zogillian Elite Squadron. Aoba was easily lured in a trap before anyone realized he was in danger. Thankfully, Dio, in a Beryl, noticed he was getting cornered and attacked the enemy formation head on, saving Aoba in the process. Back on the ship, Aoba thanked Dio for saving him. He was present during the last shot of the promotion video and saw the video crew off with Dio. He then teased Dio about what he had to say and talked about the fact Fromm was actually staying on the Cygnus, much to the latter's surprise.

(Aoba Watase in Another Coupler)

Thrilled by his return, Aoba welcomed Lee Conrad back to the Valiancer unit. He was then briefed with Dio and Fromm by Elvira and Mayuka who had discovered Aoba was perfectly compatible with the coupling system. His waveform matches the standard by 100% but coupling with him causes his buddy's waveform to deviate from the standard. Thus revealing why Dio and Fromm could not couple. They were interrupted by the alarm. Fromm proposed a game to decide who would pilot the two Valiancers, though it is hinted he never actually intended to participate but just have Aoba and Dio chose. They chose each other, Aoba was surprised Dio would actually chose to be his coupling buddy. They somewhat bickered, as Dio explained his reasons, that it was not the time to try coupling with Fromm and that Aoba would not be helpful in a Beryl, but were still able to couple during the fight. Feeling they needed to defeat the Imperial squad through a new method, Dio proposed to use the Code T2 Rise. They successfully took out the squad attacking them and killed Dolzief. After the fight, Dio disengaged the coupling. Unfortunately, it was what Alfred Gallant was waiting to attack. To avoid the fight the Cygnus headed for the storm and the two sides called their Valiancers back. Hina refused to back down and pursued Aoba, who still would not fight her, despite Dio telling him to. Their struggle eventually knocked the two of them out of the sky and they both disappeared into the storm clouds.

(Aoba Watase in Buddy)

He awakened after crash landing and realized Luxon was not responding to his command. He went around and found Hina's Valiancer, which cockpit was filling with water, he was able to save her but when she awakened she attacked him and tied his hands. She retrieved his survival pack. They stayed in a cave to protect themselves from the storm, where Aoba started to explain her she saved him, but she told him she was not "that Hina". He then commented that he may never be able to return to his own timeline. He was interrupted when they were stuck in the cave when a mud slide covered the exit, Hina untied Aoba so he could help dig their way out. Due to air deprivation, she collapsed leaving Aoba alone to dig the exit. Aoba eventually opened the exit only for water to wash both of them into the sea that had risen. He saved Hina from drowning before seeing Luxon's eyes were glowing. He went back to the cockpit where he was able to speak with Dio. However, when Dio asked about the enemy, Aoba cut the transmission and told Hina to contact her people, as Luxon's communication system was working. At the end of the storm, Aoba and Hina watched the sun rise. Aoba gave Hina the pink cat hairpin, even though she was not the one he knew of, before she went to hide, as she could not be seen by Dio without being taken hostage which he did not wanted. He agreed with her when she called him "unfit soldier". He was very happy to see Dio and Fromm, though Dio immediately snapped at him, for cutting the call off, and expressed curiosity over Fromm's teasing about Dio, as he did not knew Dio had disobeyed orders to find him. Dio cut it short by going to take Luxon, while Aoba was still not into it. Dio and Fromm then took off holding Luxon.

(Aoba Watase in Stormy Night)

Aoba was still thinking about the fact Hina was not Hina, and how he could not go home. He participated into the coupling test demanded by Fermi, mentor of Elvira, but was then stopped as he exited the change room by Dio. Dio had not forgotten what had happened with the island and questioned him about Hina as he had also noticed Aoba was sulking ever since, even though they could still couple. To make him see clearly, Dio punched Aoba which caused a small fight, that was by three other pilots that came in. The fight resulted in them both ending up in detention. Fermi then came to speak with them about Coupling, introducing the concept of a "time leap".

Soon afterwards, they were released because of a sudden alert. Aoba was doubtful about their chances to stop the incoming attack, but Dio encouraged him to defend the Cygnus. Aoba snapped back at Dio and they argued while actually destroying the volley of missiles. They were even able to maintain the coupling for more than the 300 seconds time which surprised both sides, also countering the Zogillian plan to wait for the Coupling to end. However, at the end of the battle, Fermi had been hit, which resulted in his death.

(Aoba Watase in Coupling System)

Aoba, Dio and Mayuka were authorized to go outside and they had a very long shopping list given to them by Anessa and a smaller one by Elvira. Aoba expressed concern about the relationship between Dio and his father, who had attended to Fermi's funeral too. Dio left the car and Aoba decided to go on. He explained to Mayuka that his own father was a firefighter and died years ago. Spotting Fiona and her caretaker, Aoba invited her to join them on their errand. Aoba was used as transporter for what they bought, and much to his chagrin, he was overwhelmed with bags. Meeting up with Dio not too long after, Aoba said he wanted to finish up, though Mayuka asked if he would not just stay. Aoba and Dio apparently participated in a practice session which went well however they still ended up arguing about it.

(Aoba Watase in Father and Child)

Aoba accompanied Dio, Fromm, Mayuka and Elvira as the latter came to see the previous generation Coupling mechas, Firebrand and Skyknight, Fermi's former prototypes. When the base was suddenly attacked, he was shocked when Dio handed him a gun to defend himself. He was separated from Dio and Fromm when a Beryl Valiancer suddenly crashed into building. Hina, still shocked at the death of her father and the fact he was not her father, talked to Aoba despite the ongoing battle they sat down and spoke for a while. They were interrupted by Bizon, who was furious when he saw Hina with the enemy. Hina tried to defend Aoba, but Bizon took her aside to shoot directly at him. Dio saved him but Aoba stopped him from shooting at them, because he would not allow Dio to shoot Hina. Aoba and Dio then took the Skyknight and Firebrand to recover the Bradyon and Luxon. When Elvira tried to stop them, Aoba cut the call off. They were able to Couple and caught up with the two stolen Valiancers. He tried to talk to Hina but Bizon would not allow it and attacked the Skyknight furiously. It angered both Aoba and Dio, causing them both to go on the offensive. Because they were synchronized, an anomaly occurred in the Coupling system, causing a sudden painful headache. Due to this, Aoba was able to see Dio's memories. This interaction caused a forceful decoupling. Aoba was left to wonder what had happened, exhausted, while the Bradyon and Luxon got away.

(Aoba Watase in Truth)

He thought about his encounter with Hina and was irritated, while Elvira and Mayuka were checking on Dio and his condition after the forced decoupling. Dio told Elvira, Mayuka, Kleinbeck and Kuramitsu he had seem Aoba's memories, Aoba realized he had seen Dio's. They listened to Elvira about the dangers of the old coupling system, as they could have died. Aoba was unable to give answers about why a Zogillian pilot would save him in the past and send him all the way to the future. When the Cygnus departed for the mission, he was told two new coupling Valiancers were coming for Dio and him, but they would be delivered in the middle of the battlefield. He asked where they were going and learnt Zogilia had constructed a huge Nector cannon, called Gorgon, able to level cities in Alaska, and they had to destroy it. Later, Aoba talked with Dio, and Dio told him his sister had called him. Aoba told Dio he would fight to protect the Cygnus, but he could not fight Hina and Dio accepted it without an argument. After Gorgon fired and downed half of the Alliance fleet, Dio and Aoba were placed on standby because they had lost contact with the ship coming with the two coupling Valiancers.

(Aoba Watase in The Bond Between Them)

Aoba boarded Skyknight to go search his new valiancer, Luxon Next. He came back with it just in time to save the Cygnus. With Dio they performed coupling and fought the enemy. It was revealed their emphatier level was at 90% the highest so far. Aoba communicated with Hina and, after willingly decoupling, even went out of his cockpit, taking off his helmet so she could see him and recognize him. It worked. He took her Valiancer but Bizon attacked him, took Hina and tried to couple with her which she refused but Hahn had made it so coupling did not required the pilot consent so she was going to go through coupling anyway. In order to save her, Aoba coupled with Hina, which caused a strong reaction as their emphater level were off chart, they literally created a glowing green star in the sky. Similar to Code T2 Rise, it blocked the second shot from the Gorgon but created the time tunnel. Aoba then saw Hina's memories, or what had happened before; in order to save him from Bizon she had jumped into the tunnel but Aoba had been stopped by Dio. Hina moved to follow Bizon in the tunnel. Aoba followed her and expected to be stopped by Dio, but instead Dio was supportive of his efforts to save her, this change Aoba thought it was due to the time they shared their memories: Dio knew he was telling the true. They stopped Hina from sacrificing herself and destroyed Bizon's Valiancer so that he would never threaten Aoba in the past. After that, they exited from the tunnel back to 2088. After the battle, Dio, Aoba and Hina returned to the Cygnus. On their way, when Hina sked why he had not taken this chance to go home, Dio told he just had not been thinking, but Aoba said it might not be his only chance, as no one knew the future. Aoba then told someone would have been lonely if he had left, Dio realized he was talking about him, and Aoba told him he was slow-witted, which annoyed Dio and they started to bicker. The three of them returned to the Cygnus.

(Aoba Watase in Acception)

Later it is revealed, in the original timeline, he and Hina had met in college and fallen in love. Afterwards they became involved in the first Coupling project for the Alliance. After Hina was put into the experimental Coupling cockpit, she was sent to the future, and went through all the events the present Aoba had went through. During a fight against Bizon (in his Nebiros), she and Bizon were sent through the time tunnel in Alaska. Hina ended up enrolling in the high school Aoba had enrolled into, to protect him in the event Bizon ever became a threat. When Bizon did in fact show up, he attacked the school, causing debris to fall towards Aoba. He was protected by Hina in her Luxon.

In the current timeline, after another time tunnel was opened from the destruction of the Zogilia satellite, Aoba was pulled in, followed by Hina, and they both returned to their respective time periods. It is presumed Aoba returned to his high school life, while Hina returned to the Coupling cockpit. Aoba (with the knowledge he will one day meet Hina) later bumps into Hina in college, as the latter was rushing to one of her classes.



Not much is known about Aoba's relationship with his family. However, he is worried that he may never see them again. Aoba feels he did not do what he could for his family in his own time. Namely, he believes to have not supported his mother and sister enough after his father died and believes that he just did what pleased him, like basketball. He wants to come home to change this fact though he is unsure if he will ever get the chance to.

Aoba's Father

Aoba's father was a firefighter and Aoba was very proud of him. He had died in the line of duty.[7]

Aoba's Mother

They seemed to have had a good relationship. During the time he spent in 2088, he presumed her to be dead, as she was too old to be considered alive.

Tsubasa Watase

They seemed to have a good relationship. In 2088, he believes that she could be still alive at 88 years old, although he does not know where she is.[4]


Although they do not believe him when he told them he is from the past but they are not hostile towards him but do not openly suspect him either, except for Dio. Aoba seems to get along well with them. They organize a welcoming party for him, which apparently the entire crew except Dio, Gengo Kuramitsu and Lene Kleinbeck participated in, except for the two latter who were too busy and the former not wanting anything to do with Aoba at the time. They were all worried when Aoba was lost and extremely relieved to learn he was alive and well. He is in good terms with the entire crew, except for Dio. He decided to fight to protect the Cygnus.

Dio Junyou Weinberg

He does not know him at first and refers to Hina, as she told him Dio was waiting for him. While Dio was not waiting for him, Aoba still becomes his coupling buddy. While, Aoba appears to trust Dio, Dio does not. Aoba is annoyed when Dio refuses to talk to him directly. It goes on as he wonders what is wrong with Dio when he tells him that he does not have to go if he is scared, which Aoba is and despite Dio being in a dire situation. He asks himself the same question when Dio refuses to participate in a party because it was his welcoming party. When Dio's family is endangered, Aoba tells him he knows how he feels, as he might never see his family again, which permits them to successfully engage coupling system while they had failed before.[4]While they do not really talk or get along, Aoba was willing to let Fiona get inside the Cygnus to talk to Dio. He was also concerned by the latter's relationship with his father. After the emphatier test between Dio and Frommm Dio thanks him and calls him "Aoba" for the first time.[8]He is seen speaking casually with Dio and later, he is saved by Dio's intervention something he thanks Dio for. He also teases him when he is forced to say the text the video wanted. They appear to be closer and have a less conflicting relationship, as they did not argue.[8]He looks up to Dio's combat skills. They are still prone to bickering, though it does not affect their coupling aptitude anymore. Aoba and Dio chose to be coupling buddy in episode 7 and Aoba was surprised, as it was revealed that if Dio continues to couple with him, he will lose all the benefits of his training as his waveform will deviate even more from standard and stuck as his coupling buddy. Then they were able to use Code T2 Rise to defeat the imperial forces and seemed perfectly well, working together. He was happy when Dio finally found him after he was stranded on an island, yet he did not hesitate to lie about hanging the previous call, possibly because he could not tell him  he had let Hina call the Zogillian forces without admitting she was still there. In episode 9, he got into a fight with Dio and they argued through the whole episode. Dio apparently wanted him to come out of his depression but found no other way than punching him to wake him up or taunting him. One of the point was that Dio would not believe Aoba's claim about coming from the past. Aoba commented he was imitating Dio that had been depressed ever since the bombing that crippled his sister. By the end of the episode Aoba nicknamed Dio "siscon" because Dio called him "weeper". Despite their conflicted relationship they are still able to Couple. They argue a lot, despite Aoba feeling concerned about his relationship with his family, which makes Dio snap at him. He was able to see Dio's memories due to a side effect of the older coupling Valiancers, Dio saw his, thus more or less accepted he came from the past. His bond with Dio is actually fairly good because their emphatier level augmented of 15% enabling them to couple with Firebrand and Skyknight while Elvira had put a program to stop them from doing it. They seem to have reached an understanding. Dio was even ready to decouple in battle so Aoba could talk with Hina and willing to help him save Hina from going to the past and living thorugh the same loop again. However they still found arguing ground after the battle ended. Aoba apparently deduced Dio cared for him and is willing to tease him about it.

Lee Conrad

He is not wary at Aoba, and appears to be comprehensive with him. Aoba feels responsible for his injuries as he shielded him from an attack. But there is no ill-feeling between the two. Aoba is happy when he is finally healed.

Jarl Duran

He is not wary at Aoba. He is present at Aoba's welcoming party and tells they had him clean the whole ship before his party, just like Aoba. Even after the incident of episode 3, he is not angry or suspicious of Aoba.

Mayuka Nasu

She is not wary at him and actually volunteered to explain the war to him, as he says he does not know, watching over him in his hometown, alone, while it is seen she is not physically strong. She is angered when he falls asleep during the explanation. Aoba notes she does not believe he is a time-traveler. She tells him he saved them, when he was having doubts about going back on board, he saved them from a desperate situation. Because of this Aoba enlisted. She overseas his "welcoming tour", all the cleaning he is to do, and takes part into his welcoming party. He does not appear to realize she seems to have feelings for him.

Gengo Kuramitsu

Cygnus' captain. Aoba listens to him and obeys him. The Cygnus captain is not wary at Aoba and mainly let him go where he wants. He accepts Aoba's enlistment and gives him the rank of ensign, or reserve second lieutenant.  He also shares information with Aoba, like Dio's family being in danger. He is also lenient on punishment.

Elvira Hill

She is not wary at Aoba. She is angry when he disengages coupling, because it could have caused brain damages, but she agrees  Aoba can remain as Luxon's pilot, as he has a good match with the Valiancer. Aoba takes her telling him not to cut off the coupling system as an expression of her worries about his health, which she thought was obvious, commenting it was what she disliked with pilots. She took time to explain him how peculiar he was in episode 7. She is often worried about what Dio and he end up doing, like Coupling with Skyknight.

Fromm Vantarhei

Newest addition to Cygnus' crew. He came on the Cygnus because they needed someone to impersonate Aoba in an promotion video. Dio does not really like him but Aoba and him get along quite fine. He was though, left speechless when Fromm complimented vice-captain Kleinbeck's beauty. He can couple with Aoba. Aoba is happy when it is revealed he is staying on the Cygnus, as they got along very well.


Hina Yumihara/Ryazan

Hina Yumihara is Aoba's classmate, and a time traveler that saves him from an assassin and sends him to the future before disappearing, while Hina Ryazan is a Zogilian pilot, very loyal to Zogilia and that does not recognize him. He is confused about the fact 2088 Hina does not remember him. In episode 5, he does not attack her Valiancer and only defends himself before Dio comes to rescue him. Even then he stops him from shooting her down. Aoba strictly refuses to harm her even when it is obvious she really wants him to die. He later saved her when they were stranded on an island during a storm. While he saved her from drowning she was still wary at him, however they ended up in getting buried in a cave and she had to rely on him. When she collapsed Aoba worked harder to free the two of them from the mud slide, and then saved her from drowning. He remained friendly and concerned about her during the whole ordeal, even though she was hostile at first. He accepted she was not the Hina he knew, but he still gave her the hairpin and they seemed to be on neutral ground after he saved her from drowning for a second time. She is confused by his personality and behavior, commenting he is an "unfit soldier", being friendly and helpful towards his enemy. She later sits and talks to Aoba in the middle of a battle, hinting confused feelings with Aoba. During the attack of the base they met again and had a little chat Bizon interrupted. He wanted her to come on the Cygnus. He put himself in great danger so she would remember of him after being brainwashed. He also stopped her from sacrificing her life once again by shooting Bizon's Valiancer down, so that she could break free from the time loop and Aoba could be safe in the past. It has also been hinted Aoba and Hina had been dating in college, also during the point when Hina had disappeared from the Coupling tests.

Bizon Gerafil

A Zogilian pilot and an enemy. Bizon wants to kill Aoba because he had interacted with Hina and was the cause of suspicion of treason, when he once called out Hina's name. He tried to shoot Luxon down while the Cygnus was under the attack of a volley of missiles but Aoba shot one of the missiles, creating a chain explosion that swept him away. They met again in episode 11 and Bizon recognized him as the new-type pilot and nearly killed him, but Dio saved him. Aoba became angry at Bizon when he attacked him with the stolen Bradyon while he was in Skyknight trying to talk with Hina. Bizon was revealed to be the mysterious pilot that attacked Aoba back on 2014.

Fiona Junyou Weinberg

They became good friends and were able to talk about Dio together. They are on good terms and they are supportive of each other efforts to make Dio and his father communicate. It appears to be their common goal. Aoba cares for Fiona, it is something he has in common with Dio.


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  • Aoba seemed to have appeared into Luxon's cockpit because Hina's valiancer (the Karura) probably had Luxon's stolen cockpit. Either way, he appeared from the coupling Valiancer of Zogilia to the Alliance's coupling Valiancer.
  • Aoba's situation within the Alliance is quite ambiguous because the Cygnus crew did not believed his time travelling story and they surely would not put it into a report. It might explain why Aoba was not supposed to appear on the commercial video. Yet by episode 12, it is clearly stated the higher ups of the Alliance know Aoba and that some praise had been made about his fighting capacity with Dio, and later, when Dio saw Aoba's memories, he confirmed the fact that he arrived from the past.
  • Aoba was given a firearm to defend himself with, however even when Bizon Gerafil threatened him with a firearm with his own, he did not use it to help protect himself with. It is unknown if Aoba can actually use a firearm.
  • Aoba is currently, along with Hina, are the only Couplers with multiple buddies, while Hina has two partners, Aoba and Bizon, and Aoba has the highest buddy count of three, in chronological order, he has coupled with Dio, Fromm, and Hina.