AG-6A Beryl Assault
Name AG-6A Beryl Assault
Developed From AG-6 Beryl
Affiliation Free Pact Alliance
Pilot(s) Jarl Duran
Special Capabilities None
Height 18 meters
Anime Encounter

The AG-6A Beryl Assault (also known as the Beryl-A) is a Valiancer and a variant of the AG-6 Beryl in the Buddy Complex anime. It is piloted by Jarl Duran.


The Beryl Assault is a lime colored Valiancer, developed from the Beryl. It features more mobility than a standard Beryl from the thrusters added to its legs. It was built to combat the ZEH-N-110 Kugel's mobility.


  • Machine Gun MK138A1 "Cobra Viper"
A standard machine gun used for long range combat.
  • M6H "Assault Sword"
A Nector Sword for close quarters combat.

Official ArtworkEdit