Buddy Complex and CNC series, Coincidence?

Actually, Buddy Complex bears a similar resemblance to Command and Conquer Series.
1) Nectoribium has the same properties of tiberium, however there is no evidence whether physical contact is harmful, or Nectoribium is spread out like tiberium. There are also no evidence that Nectoribium came from outer space. However, it can be utilized in weaponry.
2) The motive of the formation of Free Pact Alliance is the same as Red Alert 1. To avoid further expansion of a republic faction (like Allies vs Soviet Socialist Republic). The world is also divided by these 2 factions similarly to Red Alert 2.
3) Republic of Great Zogilia make uses of their resourcefulness and mass armies, while Free Pact Alliance had to make do with their higher technology (Coupling System). This is also applied to Allies and Soviets in red alert series, where the latter has (and always has) numerical superiority.
4) Although a usual trend in other anime, time travel is also another factor which is same as red alert. The difference is where Albert Einstein uses time machine to travel back in time, Aoba get sucked into a vortex and travel to future instead.

Correct me if I am wrong. (Please, no comments about yaoi.)